Time Saving Tip #1

Save time by keeping sheets and like linens together. When you take sheets and pillow cases out of the dryer place all matching sheets, fitted sheets, and all matching pillowcases inside of one pillowcase.  Next time you are ready to put new sheets on the bed they will be together


The Official Web Site Coming Soon!

We are hard at work getting the official Corporate Genie site up! Stay tuned. In the meantime we may just put up a temporary site just to get the ball rolling. I have been getting feedback… People are anxious.

You laid off your admin… hire a Virtual Assistant

This morning I received my daily business headlines email and if I wasn’t such a positive guy I would have probably thrown myself down the stairs because of all the negative headlines about mass company layoffs. I started to wonder a bit what positions at these places were being eliminated and how the decisions were made. I have no clue how those decisions are made. Sometimes the big shots get the ax and others they chop the little guy.

Of course my assumption is the little guy gets the short end of this stick. I started to think about the administrative assistants or other more administrative positions. They are very valuable people in a company. I once worked in an office where everyone relied very heavily on the work that the administrative assistant took care of. After all, they didn’t have time to do some of that stuff but it was just as important to get finished.

So from that revelation I decided to add a new service to Corporate Genie. Virtual Assistants. If your company has laid off an administrative role, the best bet is to replace that valuable effort with a virtual assistant. Hiring a virtual assistant are less expensive than hiring an actual employee and there are so many other benefits. More to come. Stay tuned

Can Balance in Life Actually Be Achieved?

I recently read a post from Shaun King who has a blog called Shaun In The City. He wrote a post called “The Myth of Balance” where he talks about the rarity and even seemingly impossibility of achieving balance in life. I believe that it is a rarity but only because people fail to implement the choices that lead to working towards that type of balance. I was going to respond to Shaun in his comments but my comments were too long. Please check out Shaun’s post here. Be sure to subscribe to Shaun’s post. He is doing great things in the Atlanta area and has a great blog that I follow.

Here is my response to Shaun:

Shaun –


You have to be careful not to confuse balance with being busy. There is nothing wrong with having a full schedule… it sure beats being idle that’s for sure. You are right about one thing. Life is constantly in flux. Things rarely stay the same but if there is proper balance those changes would not wreck the world of the people who experience them.


I believe a sense of balance can be obtained. Of course we are busy and we have to spend time with our wives and kids, and work on our careers and business ventures, and participate in ministry. And on top of all that we have no excuse to neglect one at the expense of another. I know my wife doesn’t want to hear that my mismanagement of time is eating into her time. And a man can never make the excuse that he didn’t have time to pray because he had to spend time with his wife. Every person has an equal amount of time in their day. We all get 24 hours. So the “magic” word when it comes to balance is PRIORITY.


Shaun, I agree with you to an extent that balance is a journey. But I think better than that balance is a lifestyle. And you’re right, people should never feel less for having a hectic life, but they should consider that it doesn’t have to be chaotic. You brought up a great champion of balance actually when you mention Jesus. Watching Jesus actually shows how to work towards a lifestyle of balance. He demonstrated it everyday.


  1. He Made Time: He woke up a great while before day to get apart to pray. (Mark1:35). He viewed that as a priority and made the time to do it. Sort of like those people who say “I don’t have time to spend with the kids, or I don’t have time to work out.” You make time for things that are a priority.
  2. He Didn’t Allow An Abundance of Things to Dictate His Schedule: Jesus Submitted His Schedule To God. And that probably happened during prayer time. There are a lot of opportunities I have especially since I am starting a business right now and working, and living life with intentionality with my wife and family. But in times of prayer is where I can submit my schedule to God to let him tell me which things to get involved in and which not. Acknowledging him and let him direct my path. Jesus said himself, “I only do what the Father tells me to do.” Following His leading will eliminate a lot of wasted time, money and energy.
  3. Jesus Delegated: Jesus walked around with 12 guys that each had their part in the work that Jesus did. A lot of times we are afraid to delegate in order to work towards that balance. We feel that “if you want it done right, do it yourself.” You see Jesus in the scriptures delegating often and instructing his disciples in situations. You see him sending his disciples away to get food so he can chill out by a well (John 4:8), among other things. Even the Apostle Paul and the early disciples delegating certain duties (Acts 6:1-5).
  4. Jesus Realized Some Things Are Needful and that we have to choose those things. Sometimes being overly occupied is not right for the time. You see Jesus reprimanding Martha because she is spending too much time being “busy” instead of taking time for what he calls the “needful things.” 

So I think a sense of balance can be work towards as a lifestyle and when things are getting to a point of being too stressful we need to sit back and consider is everything on our plates worth it or are we just thinking we are getting much done. It’s very much like Jenga, there are moving parts and the whole thing is constantly swaying but at times there is balance, and it is only when that balance is messed with that the whole thing comes crashing down.


Enjoying A Day of Celebration

Today we celebrated the inauguration of our new president Barack Obama. You know that I am a great fan of taking time to spend time with family for moments that are important. What did you do with your family today?

Me, "Barack" and my wife

Me, "Barack" and my wife

My wife and I celebrated at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. There were about 5000 people in attendance and it was just as electric and exciting

Obama: ‘No Idle Hands’

I was watching CNN this morning, which I tend to do and saw President Elect Obama visiting a homeless shelter for teens. The teens were painting the walls of the shelter and the incoming president was having a conversation with the boys and made this statement.

‘No Idle Hands’ afterwhich he picked up the rolling brush and started painting the walls. He was dressed in a pair of grayish-black jeans and a button up white shirt. Although I probably would have personally put a jacket or something on top of the white shirt, he jumped right in and stated “everybody’s got to pitch in.”

That is quite a mantra that we need to adopt in our everyday life.

“No idle hands and everybody has got to pitch in.”

This is a sure fire way to get things done in a shorter time frame. And on top of all that… many hands make work easy.

The President is already getting us right to a good start

No idle hands

Obama: No idle hands

Back to my basics

I have gotten off track. The point of this particular blog was to show you three things

1. Information on Life-Work Balance

2. Time Saving Tips

3. How to Live Life with Intentionality

So I have decided to go back to the basics and create a personal blog for my rants called Davidisms.

So for now on, this blog will be of value, the other is for soapbox issues